"A chain saw that is ready when you are!"

"It sharpens itself, FAST!"

"I can hear something besides the chain saw!"

"I love the savings on gas and oil!"

Why Electric

Gas powered chainsaws have long ruled the chainsaw market, but many users have become fed up with their shortcomings. Gas powered chainsaws have maintenance schudules, filters, gas mixtures, and many other problems that come with owning a chainsaw, but all that is about to change. Oregon has introduced the PowerNow chain saw that is ready when you are. No more mixing gas, changing filters, rebuilding carburetors, or even sharpening the blades! Just charge the battery (as little as 1 hour) and start cutting, it's that simple.


The Oregon PowerNow chain saw has a 40 volt battery, that is capable of over 200 cuts, and is completely silent between cuts. The saw is also much quieter during cuts, can be stored for months without draining the battery, and a single battery can last for 1,000 charge/discharge cycles. This saw is built to work!


The time taken my traditional chainsaws to sharpen the blade can really slow down your work, so Oregon has introduced the PowerSharp feature that will sharpen your blade in 3-5 seconds, while the saw is running, all you have to do is pull a lever, it couldn't be any easier.

Always Ready

The Oregon cordless electric chain saw is ready to work whenever you are, the lithium ion batteries can hold a charge for up to 5 months without staying on the charger. The lithium ion battery packs that power the PowerNow chain saw will not be damaged by staying on a charger, so you can leave the battery on the charger, and have a fully charged battery whenever you need.

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